Filing of reply, opposition, objections, etc.

49. Each person to whom the notice of inquiry or the Petition is issued (hereinafter called the ‘respondent’) who intends to oppose or support the Petition shall file the reply and the documents relied upon within such period with seven copies. In the reply filed, the respondent shall specifically admit, deny or explain the facts stated in the notice of inquiry or the Petition and may also state such additional facts as he considers necessary for just decision of the case. The reply shall be signed and verified and supported by affidavit in the same manner as in the case of the Petition.

50. The respondent shall serve a copy of the reply along with the documents duly attested to be true copies on the petitioner or his authorised representative and file proof of such service with the office of the Commission.

51. Where the respondent states additional facts as may be necessary for the just decision of the case, the Commission may allow the petitioner to file a rejoinder to the reply filed by the respondents. The procedure mentioned above for filing of the reply shall apply mutatis mutandis to the filing of the rejoinder.


(1) Every person who intends to file objection or comments in regard to a matter pending before the Commission, pursuant to the publication made for the purpose (other than the persons to whom notices, processes, etc. have been issued calling for reply) shall deliver to an Officer designated by the Commission for the purpose the statement of the objection or comments with copies of the documents and evidence in support thereof within the time fixed for the purpose.

(2) The Commission may permit such person or persons including associations, forums and bodes corporate as it may consider appropriate to participate in the proceedings before the Commission if, on the report received from the Officer, the Commission considers that the participation of such person or persons will facilitate the proceedings and the decision in the matter.

(3) Unless permitted by the Commission, the person filing objection or comments shall not necessarily be entitled to participate in the proceedings to make oral submissions. However, the Commission shall be entitled to take into account the objections and comments filed after giving such opportunity to the parties to the proceedings as the Commission considers appropriate to deal with the objections or comments.

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