14. The Commission may delegate to its officers such functions including functions that may be required by these regulations to be exercised by the secretary on terms and conditions the Commission may specify for the purpose.

15. The Secretary may, with the approval of the Commission, delegate to any Officer of the Commission any function required by these Regulations or otherwise, to be exercised by the Secretary

16. In the absence of the Secretary, such other Officer of the Commission, as may be designated by the Chairperson, may exercise all the functions of the Secretary.

17. The Commission shall, at all times have the authority, either on an application made by any interested or affected party or suo motu, to review, revoke, revise, modify, amend, alter or otherwise change any order made or action taken by the Secretary or the Officers of the Commission, if the Commission considers the same to be appropriate.

Recognition for Consumer Associations


(1) It shall be open to the Commission to permit any association/forum or other bodies corporate or any group of consumers to participate in any proceedings before the Commission.

(2) It shall be open to the Commission for the sake of timely completion of proceedings, to direct grouping of the associations / forums referred to above so that they can make collective affidavits.

(3) The Commission may as and when considered appropriate notify a procedure for recognition of associations, group, forum or bodies corporate as registered consumer association for purposes of representation before the Commission.


(1) The Commission may appoint any officer or any other person to represent consumers' interest if considered necessary.

(2) The Commission may direct payment to the officer or person appointed to represent the consumers interest such fees, costs and expense by such of the parties in the proceedings as the Commission may consider appropriate.


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