Initiation of Proceedings

24. The Commission may initiate any Proceedings suo motu or on a Petition filed by any affected or interested person.

25. The notice of the initiation of the proceedings may be issued by the Commission, and the Commission may give such orders and directions as may be deemed necessary, for service of notices to the affected parties, the filing of reply and rejoinder in opposition or in support of the Petition in such form as it may direct. The Commission may, if it considers appropriate, issue orders for publication of the petition inviting comments on the issues involved in the proceedings in such form as the Commission may direct.

26. While issuing the notice of inquiry the Commission may, in appropriate cases, designate an Officer of the Commission or any other person whom the Commission considers appropriate to present the matter in the capacity of a petitioner in the case.

Petitions and pleadings before the Commission.

27. All Petitions to be filed before the Commission shall be typewritten, cyclostyled or printed neatly and legibly on one side of white paper and every page shall be consecutively numbered. The Commission will accept petitions filed with a Computer Disk or through Electronic Media on such terms and conditions as the Commission may specify. The contents of the Petition should be divided appropriately into separate paragraphs, which shall be numbered serially. The Petition shall be accompanied by such documents supporting data and statements as the Commission may specify.

General headings

28. The general heading in all Petitions before the Commission and in all publications and notices shall be in Form 1.

Affidavit in support


(1) The petitions shall be verified by an affidavit and every such affidavit shall be in Form 2.

(2) Every affidavit shall be drawn up in the first person and shall state the full name, age, occupation and address of the deponent and the capacity in which he is signing and shall be signed and sworn before a person lawfully authorised to take and receive affidavits.

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