(3) Every affidavit shall clearly and separately indicate the statements which are true to the-

(a) knowledge of the deponent;

(b) information received by the deponent; and

(c) belief of the deponent.

(4) Where any statement in the affidavit is stated to be true to the information received by the deponent, the affidavit shall also disclose the source of the information and a statement that the deponent believes that information to be true.

30. In accordance with section 193 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, who ever intentionally gives false evidence in any of the proceedings of the Commission or fabricates false evidence for the purpose of being used in any of the proceedings shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years and shall also be liable to fine.

Presentation and scrutiny of the Petitions

31. All Petitions shall be filed with seven copies and each set of the Petition shall be complete in all respects. The fees as may be prescribed by the Commission shall be payable along with the petition.

32. All Petitions shall be presented in person or by any duly authorised agent or representative at the headquarters or such other filing centre or centres as may be notified by the Commission from time to time and during the time notified. The Petitions may also be sent by registered post acknowledgement due to the Commission at the places mentioned above. The vakalatnama in favour of the advocate and, in the event the Petitions are presented by an authorised representative, the document authorising the representative shall be filed along with the Petition, if not already filed on the record of the case.

33. Upon the receipt of the Petition the Officer of the Commission designated for the purpose of receiving the petition shall acknowledge the receipt by stamping and endorsing the date on which the Petition has been presented and shall issue an acknowledgement with stamp and date to the person filing the Petition. In case the Petition is received by registered post the date on which the Petition is actually received at the office of the Commission shall be taken as the date of the presentation of the Petition.

34. The presentation and receipt of the Petition shall be duly entered in the register maintained for the purpose by the office of the Commission.

35. The Receiving Officer may decline to accept any Petition which does not conform to the provisions of the Act or the Regulations or directions given by the Commission or otherwise defective or which is presented otherwise than in accordance with the regulations or directions of the Commission.

Provided however no Petition shall be refused for defect in the pleadings Or in the presentation, without giving an opportunity to the person filing the Petition to rectify the defect within the time which may be given for the purpose. The Receiving Officer shall advise in writing the person filing the Petition of the defects in the Petition filed.

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