36. A person aggrieved by any order of the Receiving Officer in regard to the presentation of the Petition may request the matter to be placed before the Secretary of the Commission for appropriate orders.

37. The Chairperson or any Member as the Chairperson may designate for the purpose shall be entitled to call for the Petition presented by the party and give such directions regarding the presentation and acceptance of the Petition as he considers appropriate.

38. If on scrutiny, the Petition is not refused or any order of refusal is rectified by the Secretary or by the Chairperson or the Member of the Commission designated for the purpose, the Petition shall be duly registered and given a number in the manner to be specified by the Commission.

39. As soon as the Petition and all necessary documents are lodged and the defects and objections, if any, are removed, and the Petition has been scrutinised and numbered, the Petition shall be put up before the Commission for preliminary hearing and admission.

40. The Commission may admit the Petition for hearing without requiring the attendance of the party. The Commission shall not, pass an order refusing admission without giving the party concerned an opportunity of being heard. The Commission may if it considers appropriate issue notice to such person or persons as it may desire to hear the petition for admission.

41. If the Commission admits the Petition, it may give such orders and directions, as may be deemed necessary, for service of notices to the respondent(s) and other affected or interested parties; for the filing of replies and rejoinder in opposition or in support of the Petition in such form as the Commission may direct and for the petition to be placed for hearing before the Commission or a Bench, as the case may be.

Service of notices and processes issued by the Commission


(1) Any notice, process or summons to be issued by the Commission may be served by any one or more of the following modes as may be directed by the Commission:

(a) service by any of the parties to the proceedings as may be directed by the Commission;
(b) by hand delivery through a messenger;
(c) by registered post with acknowledgement due;
(d) by publication in newspaper in cases where the Commission is satisfied that it is not reasonably practicable to serve the notices, processes, etc. on any person in the manner mentioned above.
(e) in any other manner as considered appropriate by the Commission.

(2) The Commission shall be entitled to decide in each case the persons who shall bear the cost of such service / publication.

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