43. Every notice or process required to be served on or delivered to any person may be sent to the person or his agent empowered to accept service at the address furnished by him for service or at the place where the person or his agent ordinarily resides or carries on business or personally works for gain.

44. In the event any matter is pending before the Commission and the person to be served has authorised an agent or representative to appear for or represent him or her in the matter, such agent or representative shall be deemed to be duly empowered to take service of the notices and processes on behalf of the party concerned in all matters and the service on such agent or representative shall be taken as due service on the person to be served.

45. Where a notice is served by a party to the Proceedings either in person or through registered post, an affidavit of service shall be filed by such party with the Commission giving details of the date and manner of service of notices and processes.

46. Where any Petition is required to be published it shall be published in such form in the newspapers to be specified, for such duration and within such time as the Commission may direct.

47. In default of compliance with the requirements of the Regulations or directions of the Commission as regards the service of notices, summons or processes or the publication thereof, the Commission may either dismiss the Petition or give such other or further directions as it thinks fit.

48. No service or publication required to be done shall be deemed invalid by reason of any defect in the name or description of a person provided that the Commission is satisfied that such service is in other respects sufficient, and no proceeding shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or irregularity unless the Commission, on an objection taken, is of the opinion that substantial injustice has been caused by such defect or irregularity or there are otherwise sufficient reasons for doing so.

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