A-1. Units :

(a) C - degree Celsius

(b) Hz - Hertz or cycles per second

(c) kCal - kilo- Calorie

(d) g - gram

(e) kg - kilogram

(f) kg/cm2 (abs) - kilogram per square centimeter (absolute)

(g) kW - kilo Watt

(h) kWh - kilo Watt hour

(i) l - litre

(j) ml - milli litre

(k) Sm3 - cubic metre of gas at Standard temperature and pressure, namely 15 C and 1.03 kg/cm2 (absolute)

A-2 Defined /Derived

AEC             - Auxiliary Energy Consumption

APLF            - Annual Plant Load Factor

ASME             - American Society of Mech. Engineers

CEA/Authority - Central Electricity Authority

COD             - Commercial Operation Date

CCCT             - Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine

CFBC             - Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion

DG                 - Diesel Generator / Generating

DPLF             - Daily Plant Load Factor

DAPLF    - Deemed Annual Plant Load Factor

DNHR             - Daily Average Net Heat Rate

DSPLF    - Deemed Settlement Period Plant Load Factor

GCV             - Gross Calorific Value

GHR             - Gross Heat Rate

IEC             - International Electro-Technical Commission

ISO                - International Standards Organisation

LNG             - Liquefied Natural Gas

MCR             - Maximum Continuous Rating

MNHR             - Monthly Average Net Heat Rate

NCV             - Net Calorific Value

NGL              - Natural Gas liquid

NHR             - Net Heat Rate

SPLF             - Settlement Period Plant Load Factor

SGE             - Steam Generator Efficiency

SNHR             - Settlement Period Net Heat Rate

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